Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant

Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant

Categories: Moroccan, Mediterranean
2334 2nd Ave
(between Battery St & State Route 99)
Seattle, WA 98121
Neighborhood: Belltown
(206) 956-0500


~ 5 Course Dinner ~

Traditional Lentil Soup Salads Marrakesh
B’stilla Royale

And your choice of the following:

Tagine of Chicken Lemon and Olives – Braised chicken served with preserved lemon sauce and olives.

Tagine of Chicken Honey and Prunes – Served with light honey sauce, almonds, prunes, and sesame seeds.

Tagine of Lamb with Eggplant – Braised lamb in ginger, saffron &garlic sauce with fried eggplant.

Tagine of Lamb M’Rouzia – With onions and raisins simmered in a light honey sauce.

Tagine of Braised Hare – In cumin and paprika garlic sauce.

Couscous Marrakesh – Steamed semolina grains topped with lamb or chicken, and seven vegetables.

Couscous T’Faya – Steamed semolina grains topped with onions, raisins, chickpeas and ginger sauce.

Breka Vegetarian – Stuffed phyllo dough with mousseline potato, chopped green onions, parsley and cilantro.

Couscous Vegetarian – Steamed semolina grains topped with seven vegetables.

Marrakesh Vegetarian Delight – Assorted vegetables served on a bed of saffron rice.

Brochette Marrakesh – Grilled, marinated tenderloin of leg of lamb served with saffron rice.

Beef and Vegetable Brochette — Grilled, marinated morsels of beef served with saffron rice.

Chicken Brochette — Grilled, marinated boneless skinless chicken served with saffron rice.

Catch of the Day – Baked in tomatoes, bell peppers, and garlic sauce. Outstanding!

Special of the Day- Please inquire

Dessert & Mint Tea


~ Royale Feast Dinner ~

4 persons or more. Includes the specials of the day. Please inquire.


~ Mechoui ~

Mechoui is a whole sheep cooked in a spit over a charcoal fire. Choose half or a quarter of a side. This is a highly Esteemed national dish which is generally prepared by a “Chouaye” (a professional cook), who delivers it piping hot. One then only has to season the pieces with a little cumin and salt, and enjoy the result.

8 persons or more, three days notice